The United Soybean Board is collaborating with the National Museum of American History on the development of the American Enterprise exhibition with advice on current agricultural practice. American soybean farmers are proud of their rich history and look forward to a promising future meeting the challenges of feeding the world. Today soybeans represent one of nation’s largest agricultural crops with over 73 million acres worth over 12 billion dollars. The United Soybean Board is made up of soybean farmers from across the United States. It works for its members promoting domestic marketing, international marketing, new uses for soybeans, and new means of production. One of the world’s most versatile crops, soybeans are not only utilized for food and feed, but also for making plastics, fuel, ink, bio diesel, and a multitude of other non-food products.


The National Watermelon Promotion Board is advising the National Museum of American History on the agricultural aspects of the American Enterprise exhibition. Watermelons have always been an important part of our nation’s history and culture. Watermelon growers and shippers are proud of their history and excited to share their knowledge of what has become a highly technical field. The non-profit National Watermelon Promotion Board operates with a single objective: to increase consumer demand for watermelon through promotion, research, and educational programs. Formed in 1989 by watermelon growers and shippers, the Board has developed marketing programs to boost watermelon sales in supermarkets throughout the U.S. and Canada. NWPB is also working to develop sales opportunities for watermelon in Japan, Mexico and the U.K. Through high profile publicity on television, radio, newspapers and magazines, the board has showcased watermelon as a healthy, refreshing, versatile fruit.