Caroline R. Jones, 1942-1996


Advertising executive Caroline R. Jones joined Zebra Associates in 1969 as vice president and creative director. The job offered her a step up after her first position in advertising as a copywriter at J. Walter Thompson. Zebra, a black-owned, integrated agency helped build what some historians have called the “golden age” of African American advertising, and Jones conducted market research and campaigns that addressed the urban, black and Latino consumer markets. Throughout out her career she urged manufacturers and marketers to see African American consumers as a varied market with differences in age, region, and wealth.  With an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative mind, Jones eventually rose to the top of her field and formed her own agency, Caroline R. Jones Advertising.  With many awards and many firsts to her credit, she was often asked to describe what it was like at the top.  Her answer: “It’s cold but I can feel the sunshine.”




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