Scovill Nedicks’ Nickel, 1953


“Eat Better for Less,” claims this metal token, a clever co-promotion for Nedicks’ lunch counters in New York City and cigarettes.  To get the token, customers had to purchase a pack of cigarettes from a vending machine.  Each pack contained a token that could be redeemed at the counter, thus giving Nedicks’ customers a discount on cigarettes.  The token bears the image of Walter S. Mack, Jr. president of National Phoenix Industries, Inc., owner of the Nedicks’ chain and inventor of the promotion. The Scovill Manufacturing Company, the manufacturer who produced the metal disks, produced thousands of similar tokens over its long history. Established in 1802 in Waterbury, CT, Scovill began as a button maker and eventually created all kinds of metal fasteners, tokens, and coinage.

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